An Open Letter to Conservatives on their Extraordinary Political Delusions

I love conservatives. In fact I am one – a true conservative. As in, I believe in limited government in all regards not just in regard to economic freedom and religious freedom.  I just want less government. I want the government decentralized, so as to provide more choice for people and individual communities regarding how they choose to live. A smaller,decentralized government that restores power to the people. Sounds logical right? Surely such a philosophy would attract those in society who are the most reasonable, logical, and “together” among us. – Well, not quite.

Instead, I  feel almost embarrassed when i tell people I am conservative because it lumps me in with a group of people who are so delusional and out of touch with reality, it borders on embarrassing – in fact, it is embarrassing. I try to solve this problem, by offering quick explanations like “I’m really more of a libertarian conservative though” or “I just believe in limited and decentralized government.” But the truth is, I actually am just a conservative person, and those who wish to see liberty, freedom, and the restoration of conservative values  would be wise to listen to what I am about to say because I am seriously trying to help you out.

You have got to stop doing all this weird stuff that makes you look crazy.

I mean really really crazy.

Bordering on delusional if not well past it and into the open fields of la la land.

1. Stop your assault on the poor and working class.  – Look, I get it, it is wrong and immoral to take money from someone without their permission through taxation and give it to someone you think needs it more. Such acts of generosity should be done through charity and individual generosity. People should be free to decide who they would like to donate money to without it being decided for them through government programs such as food stamps and welfare. It is not the fact you want more control over your income that makes you look horrible. While people can argue over the virtue or immorality of government welfare programs, such a viewpoint is at least understandable.

The reason why Republicans and conservatives are viewed as “poor haters” has less to do with a desire for voluntary charity and more to do with blatant hypocrisy and an unfathomable lack of compassion.

What is NOT understandable is that while your average Conservative Republican espouses a belief in  “conservative values” and “limited government” they simultaneously call for trillions of dollars to be spent on wars and military bases all over the world. They want border patrol agents armed with the most expensive and up to date equipment possible lining the border, ready to stop those “monstrous illegals”  from entering our country with such nefarious desires  as providing a decent life for their family. They are ok spending billions upon billions of dollars to fight a drug war against plants and substances, and billions more to house their neighbors and fellow citizens in cages run by the government for possessing or daring to sell these evil plants and substances. These conservatives will gladly spend billions to feed, clothe, and provide medical care to inmates guilty of non-violent offenses – but it is those damn food stamp recipients who are ruining everything.

From a fellow conservative, trust me please – food stamp and welfare recipients are by far the least of your worries.

If it was truly our ability to have control over more of our income that you care about – a far more logical place to start would be our military. Stop having bases all over the world, they don’t want you there, and we don’t need you there, it is not our job to infringe on other countries and be the policeman of the world. I lived in the Italian city of Naples during my teens and was unable to go anywhere without people muttering “Damn American” – and I don’t blame them, Naples was home to an American military base, and they assumed I was there as the child of a military member. (I wasn’t thankfully) but you get the picture. – It is weird, it is rude, and it is destroying our reputation around the world. Remove military bases, stop partaking in preemptive war, and restore our military to the singular task of defending America from imminent threats on our own soil.

End the war on drugs and eliminate most of the ridiculous laws against other forms of non violent behavior. Cut the budget by closing down a large portion of prisons in America and reducing the number of border patrol agents. Drug trafficking from Mexico is far less of a problem when drugs aren’t even illegal. Make citizenship easy, allow decent people from all over the world to come here and give us the honor of adding their gifts and innovations to our economy.

Only after you have first tackled these drains on our economy, only once we have drastically reduced the entities of our government  that make us hated around the world, and throw non violent people into cages.  Then and only then, do you have the moral authority to draw  attention to and tackle reduction of the few programs that actually serve and help your neighbors and fellow citizens. Which by the way, are a drastically drastically smaller portion of our nations budget than the military, police, and border patrol. The best part is, all the above changes, don’t even require much upkeep or money, By making less laws, and restoring our military to its originally intended purpose We have just reduced taxes 100x more than any elimination of a welfare program ever could. Which brings me to my next suggestion….

2. Stop with the military, police, and border patrol worship –  It is irrational. Let’s be for limited government in all regards, including reducing the military budget, and cutting back on massive border patrol efforts. I believe people from all over the world should be free to come to America to create a better life for themselves and their families. Instead of going into other nations and telling them how to live at a significant cost to us, we should be making citizenship easy and fast. Giving people who want freedom an escape from totalitarian regimes, and a place to come and write their own destinies – The shining city on a hill  this nation was intended to be.

The government should not be involved in one’s personal life. The court’s only role should be limited to rulings on those crimes of a violent and depraved nature. The war on drugs as well as the police state we have created need to end immediately.

3. Stop expecting sympathy for your “plight as a white male” – Yes, white men, especially those gainfully employed, and from middle and upper class homes are not given many handouts in life – this is true. Yes, there are programs such as affirmative action that are wrong in their intent to force employees to hire people based on the color of their skin in order to meet a “minority quota” vs solely on a person’s individual ability. Yes, such programs by nature are “racist against whites” Yes, in court systems women are often given children after a divorce, and violence against women is taken far more seriously than violence against men. We get it, We know this, and guess what? We still don’t feel sorry for you.

I will be the first to admit there truly are initiatives in place that serve to discriminate against white men. But long diatribes on the injustices of child support, and the horrors of an impending “white genocide” literally make you look insane. Case in point this #whitegenocide billboard in Alabama.


Why does feeling sorry for a demographic so clearly discriminated against by systems within our society just feel so well, – unnatural for most people?

Because, It is delusional and out of touch with reality to ask society to pity a demographic that has been  vastly over-represented in the heads of major corporations, boardrooms, and positions of political power since our nation’s inception. It is hard to look at every president in history – all white males, (until our most recent who is a half white – half black male) and expect people to say “Yes, this is definitely the serious issue of our time.”

It isn’t that much of what you say isn’t true – it is. It is just that no one cares. You have not been the primary victim of societal stigma, lynchings, police profiling, racism, and negative superficial judgments for the past 100 years. You just haven’t. Wake up. Yes a woman, or a black, or a latino, may be granted college admission before a white male of equal capability. But you also have not had to endure the societal and cultural limitations that still exist for many within those minority groups. In run ins with police, job interviews, and youthful indiscretions you are granted every benefit of the doubt imaginable, and because you have never experienced this type of cultural stigma and discrimination the “advantaged minorities” have – you think it doesn’t exist – but it does.

You have not had to endure many of the limitations that made it difficult and in many cases seemingly impossible for minorities within certain communities to arrive at the same point of being able to apply for that college or apply for that job in the first place. Yes I am well aware there are white men born into poverty who are far less privileged than a black male born into affluence and in those cases such systematic advantages are unfair. And I do not believe in these programs whatsoever. I believe in the words Martin Luther King Jr. spoke; of judging a man on the content of his character not the color of his skin, and for that reason i see initiatives such as affirmative action as reprehensible.

But, to focus on the “plight of the white male” makes you no better than the “feminazis” you so ardently despise who focus on the rights of women to the detriment of others. If you are concerned about judicial, systematic injustices within the government, that is plenty. A focus on human rights, and the promotion of a system blind to color and gender where all are equal in the eyes of the law, would fix the problems you feel so discriminated by. So Stop with the “ridiculous to the point of comical” pity party. At the end of the day, despite whatever injustices you feel slighted by,  you are still the ruling demographic of America and others have it a lot worse.. No one is going to pity you, and these diatribes make you look completely out of touch with American history, police profiling, cultural discrimination and the suffering endured by millions of minorities.

if you truly are a  racist concerned with “white purity” and “white genocide” , episodes of idiocy such as that exhibited by the slavery defender at CPAC a couple years back, only serve to make people think weeding your kind from the gene pool may not be such a bad idea after all.  

4. Stop with the “Obama is a closet Muslim” Conspiracy –  Is Obama the Christian he claims to be? No. I completely agree with you on that. He clearly has disdain for the overly religious and an obvious disdain for many of the tenants of Christianity. That is evident in virtually all his policies and public speeches. But to make the jump from him not being a Christian to being part of some Muslim conspiracy is completely insane.

Obama could be spiritual or perhaps atheist – but one obviously can’t run a campaign in our country without claiming to be christian.  He does the easy thing and just tells people he is Christian. There is nothing shocking or scandalous about this.  Millions of people have been doing the same thing for thousands of years. He does not have a “vendetta against the Jews” and he is not part of a “Muslim conspiracy”. He has done nothing but placate Israel,  perpetuate war, bomb, and terrorize Muslim countries since he has been in power. I wish he was secretly Muslim because then maybe he’d finally stop killing them!

Your entire theory isn’t even based on reality but Republican pundit talking points. There are many reasons to despise this administration, why anyone would resort to making new ones up is beyond me. It is only hurting any chance you have at ever being taken seriously, and makes you look unaware of reality.

5. Stop pretending like you are the political side that *truly* supports minorities and diversity – Just stop, it is not true, you know it, i know it. When you say things like this it just makes you look like someone who is so completely full of shit they have started to believe their own lies. Between supporting any war involving blowing up brown people. Gasping in terror at the word “Muslim” and telling immigrants they are diseased leaches upon our society who should go back where they came from – Where exactly is the promotion of diversity?

Conservatives will often combat this by saying preposterous things like “Well i know this one Mexican man, and he supports harsh laws against illegals.So clearly this is what the Mexicans want too!”

Congratulations you found one masochist to help you promote your racism.

Wouldn’t diversity mean leaving other countries alone, and although you may find their governments and culture appalling,  realizing it is none of your business how another country chooses to live? Wouldn’t diversity include welcoming immigrants with open arms and appreciating their unique attributions to our country?  Wouldn’t a love of diversity include the realization that America was meant to be a refuge for all who seek freedom and a new beginning in the world?

As carved on the statue of liberty:

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

When you spend all your time going on vicious tirades against people just trying to get by, it makes you look like an asshole. The state, and the massive size our government has reached – these things are the enemies, not our fellow humans. If we had a decentralized government, if we didn’t spend so much money on war and border patrol, if there wasn’t such a massive welfare state – immigrants coming here would be nothing but a blessing and a huge gift to our economy. How sick, that we have a large part of our population that would rather spend massive amounts of money keeping people out, but they won’t spend that same amount of money to help them. The state is our enemy – not each other.

I say all this to help you.

Ignore me at your own peril 🙂

– Love, Kathryn, your “true conservative” friend.

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Conservatives on their Extraordinary Political Delusions

  1. James Yolkowski

    Absolutely. I think there’s a theme running through all of these–because of our excessive laws and excessive police force, the (non-violent) black father is arrested, because of unconscious or systematic prejudice charges against him aren’t dropped while charges against the white father are, and because the father is in jail, the mother of his children has to receive food stamps. If one wants to (e.g.) reduce food stamp usage, one needs to treat the cause, not the symptoms. BTW, it’s nice to see that you’re blogging again!


  2. C Towns

    Excellent post!!

    I really like alot of the stuff you write and I agree with about 90% of what you say. This weekend (time to burn) I actually Started reading alot of the things you have written and watched some of your videos on You tube. I found you on Twitter and the links lead me to your other social media sites and here.

    A video that caught my attention was actually one you had deleted. It was about not supporting the troops. While I do not agree with every point you made some of your points were valid and I respected the fact you would be willing to post something so non politically correct (I know you must have received some nasty comments).

    I posted something like this on another of your outlets but I want to put it here as well to get your thoughts (the picture was old and I do not know if you will reply). A little bit about me I have been in the Military for the last 17 1/2 years. Don’t worry I don’t expect any praise I just wanted to tell you so you would know where I am coming from, I don’t think I am anything special or anything like that.

    From what I have seen we both subscribe to many of the same beliefs as Ron Paul. Probably the only thing in this post that I would wonder about is your statement ” I don’t blame them, Naples was home to an American military base, and they assumed I was there as the child of a military member. (I wasn’t thankfully) but you get the picture..”

    I wonder if you are painting all Military as interventionist who subscribe to the Military industrial complex? Nothing could be further from the truth for many of us. I do not say this to attack you but just to make a point: While you were supporting John McCain in 2008 Ron Paul received more money from Active Duty Military than from any other group! A large part of his platform that year was stopping interventionism. In fact he was the most popular candidate among active duty service members. I would submit to you that we recognized the failure of internationalism before you did because we have a front row seat to its failure and connection to the Military Industrial Complex. I would encourage you to not paint us with a wide brush because of a few. Remember the cooperate media lies about us too!

    In response to your experience in Naples.

    I am married to a European (English) I spent 5 years in Germany as well. I can tell you most of the people I met while I was in Europe not only said those kinds of things about Americans but about any group that was from a different country or region than they were. My experience with Europeans is they are very clique driven people. When I was in Mannheim the people of that city could not stand the people in Frankfurt and would talk smack on them all the time. My wife can not stand the Germans, and most of the Germans could not Believe I married and English woman. My German Barber hated the French and the Greeks, no one like the Russians so on and so on…. The further away I got from urban areas I found this to not be so prevalent, but it was still there.

    I would submit to you that the people in Naples talked like that for two reasons,

    1. As typical Europeans their culture is like that. If you spent any amount of time with them (and can remember) they probably did not like one group or the other it is typical. I worked with the Italian Navy when I was in Egypt and they hated anyone not Italian (we had many representatives from many armies there), it is in their culture.

    2. So stupid 18 or 19 year old kid first time away from home soldier got drunk and caused problems or was rude for no reason. But that happens in the states to and is not limited to the Military. They are a minority of our population and do not represent us as a whole.

    If you have time, I would like your thoughts on what I have said. Even if they are not positive toward me I would be interested in hearing them.

    Thanks for share I like alot of what you write.


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