Condemning Molestation is “Liberal Propaganda” (Apparently)

A well known public figure Josh Duggar had a series of incestuous sexual assaults committed in his youth recently made public.

We have seen this before, and it always causes shock and disgust when the public realizes someone they enjoyed watching, or whose creativity they were inspired by, is suddenly charged or accused of a heinous crime. Examples like Bill Cosby or Michael Jackson come to mind when we think of prominent cases involving accusations against public figures.

Generally most people would not even think to consider the ideology, religious, or political background of someone who molested his siblings or sexually assaulted young girls prior to condemning their actions. Especially in cases like Duggar’s, where the accusations turn out to be true. People tend to feel sickened by the realization they had unknowingly entrusted a serial sexual predator with public positions of power and influence. The accused’s personal beliefs wouldn’t change the fact people felt deceived or the realization an injustice occurred. This case is no different.

Christians all over twitter, Facebook newsfeeds, and the blogosphere are outraged by the injustice!

However, what makes this case different, is the outrage is not over innocent girls being molested. Nope, it is over the injustice of an admitted serial sexual predator being condemned for his actions, and facing consequences and backlash years later for his heinous acts.

Do you think this makes you look good? Presenting yourself as a group of people who defend child molesters because they align with your ideology and come from a “nice family” makes you look vile. (Just FYI).

Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself how you have reached a point of brainwashing so thorough, that you can see a public figure admit to, and be held publicly accountable for, molesting his own sisters in his youth, and with a straight face say it is “clearly liberal propaganda” to “make Christianity look bad”?

No, YOU make Christians look bad.

I know for me personally, if I were not a religious person and I saw a group of people pointing out “liberal hypocrisy” or whining about how “He is being attacked for being christian” in reference to a man who molested multiple girls, it wouldn’t make me suddenly think Christianity was some “cool group” I wanted to be a part of.

So whatever weird outcome you think you are achieving, just realize you are not achieving it.

I am pretty sure he is being condemned for molesting his sisters. And I am pretty sure Christianity preaches that incest, molestation, and rape are heinous crimes deserving of criminal punishment. So no, this is not suddenly made “ok” by repeating “Jesus forgives him” This man averted harsh punishment for what he did in his youth, which is injustice enough. Is it really so “extreme” to say a man who was a serial sexual predator  is not qualified to be a well received public role model to children?

Or a leader of a Family Research Council lecturing the masses about “family values”?

Is it really unfair and “biased” to be turned off by the hypocrisy of positioning himself as a public moral authority figure given his history? ( Positions he gained while the public was unaware of his history)

Are we really this brain dead?

His victims can say they forgive him,  but  it doesn’t mean he should be exempt from any consequences or backlash over his actions. I don’t think it is extreme to say anyone who has ever been a serial sexual predator should at the very least be exempt from being a respected public figure, holding any notable public office, or lecturing to the masses on family values.

And if you are truly concerned with “People Making Christians look bad”,pointing our obscure liberal actors who didn’t receive as much public scrutiny for their crimes is not going to suddenly make you look good.

People get mad over molestation. It is very serious, and it wouldn’t take more than ten minutes of looking through news stories over the years to see Christians, atheists, conservatives, liberals and the like, have all been harshly condemned for molesting people.

Perhaps showing the world we do not put molesters in positions of power within our community would be a good place to start. Perhaps it would be a bit more effective to show we do not condone hypocrisy, and we remove individuals from positions of influence, not hail them as a martyr when they are discovered to have gained our trust and their positions through deception.

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