Bye Bye Tomi Lahren! The BLAZE Audience is Dying – Literally!


Tomi Lahren

It is the same sad painfully manipulative technique used by FOX news.Bring on a black guest to talk about how horrible black people are.  Have the female hosts bash on women. Bring on a Mexican to explain how the “real” Mexican Americans are actually  FOR mass deportation and the break up of Hispanic families.

Such a technique is used primarily as a tool to make the most heinously abhorrent views seem socially acceptable. Who better to attest to the fact Mexico is essentially nothing but rapists and drug dealers than a Mexican?  The middle aged white man in Idaho can then use the Mexican guy he saw on T.V.  as proof  his beliefs are *definitely not*  based on  blatant misinformation and racist stereotypes.  Thus, he is able to really let loose the next time he goes on his rant about why  America’s only chance at survival is to build a wall and keep out the Mexicans.

Though it seemed impossible a network could ever exceed the jaw dropping bias and manipulation utilized by FOX News. It appears Glenn Beck’s  The Blaze has managed to do just that.

In an attempt to pander to their base of  ranting geriatric patients, the Blaze chose a young millennial to passionately espouse the  viewpoints most commonly and vehemently rejected by young millennials.  When Tomi Lahren, barely out of college, applied for an internship at OAN, they fell all over themselves and instead offered the young woman her own  show, which she hosted before being hired by The Blaze to do the same thing for them.  Just as neo conservatives fall all over themselves and can barely believe their luck  when they find a black conservative to tout around as much as they possibly can, this geriatric network could  hardly believe it when they found a young hot blonde girl smart enough to know how to dress cute and do her eyebrows and simultaneously dumb enough to actually believe all their moronic bullshit.

While it may be possible to find  many young people who also  believe OAN and The Blaze’s garbage, they are usually unattractive, not properly socialized, uneducated, and primarily found  in rural areas. They tend to be young people, who despite their age, due to either poverty, lack of exposure, or limited internet access, are still just as  limited in their news sources as their senior citizen counterparts.    It is a very rare find indeed to discover someone of our generation (age 20 to 34), who grew up in the age of information,  yet is still willing to tout the archaic, racist,  bootlicking, iron fisted, authoritarian talking points of the 1950’s. The Blaze would have been ready to hire and prop up any remotely attractive and coherent millennial willing to do so, Tomi Lahren just so  happened to be the one to best  fit the description.   

I first saw her when a couple friends posted a video of her  in which she was ranting about 4 marines killed in Tennessee and how  bombing a desert halfway around the world was the only logical response.  Linked Here.

I immediately found her to be one of most insufferable human beings on the planet.  Her demeanor, attitude, and arrogance all mixed with unfathomable stupidity – with everything combined, it was beyond nauseating.  I couldn’t even watch the whole video, she was SO cringy. But beyond finding her personality particularly  insufferable, and the immorality of promoting death to random people halfway around the world for something that happened in Tennessee. (people who wouldn’t even recognize Tennessee on a map), her views were no worse than any other bootlicker or corporate media whore.  Nothing she said was beyond what  we hear from neo-conservatives, Fox news pundits, and conservative talk show hosts on the daily. Thus, she was forgotten by the end of the day.

It was not until she went on a psychotic tirade against Beyonce who used her Superbowl platform to give voice to those unjustly murdered by police, that I saw Tomi Lahren again. All my A-political friends hadn’t noticed anything about Beyonce’s performance, and just thought it was a good show.  Tomi’s rant on that issue is here. but save yourself the misery, the whole thing could be summed up as follows:

“Beyonce is a racist! Hellbent on dividing our nation. Saying that all people,  blacks included deserve justice when wrongly killed by someone with a badge – is  definitely a form of domestic terrorism. There is really nothing that justifies outrage against police or the biased judicial system. Not even when children, or those unarmed and doing nothing wrong  are murdered by a cop in cold blood, and he walks free.  Even then, anger or reform is not justified. Blacks are dangerous, and owe whites a thank you for freeing them, Oh! And the black panthers killed people 50 years ago.”

The  person being divisive was Tomi Lahren, with her disgusting lack of reverence and respect for human life – not Beyonce! As a white person I felt in no way divided  or excluded by Beyonce, nor would any rational person. If anything, it was a moment of unification for everyone who believes blacks should NOT be gunned down at random. I had no idea such a generic, universally accepted truth could possibly be viewed as “divisive.”  But boy, was I wrong.

A couple months later, she outdid herself and gave a rant far worse than the one about Beyonce…. something I did not even know was possible. It was in response to a beautiful speech given by Jesse Williams at the BET Awards. Jesse Williams did the most American thing a person can do and used his platform and voice to demand reform, justice, and to air his grievances against the government. He honored the life of a slain child, and showed compassion, love, and empathy in his call for a better world in which there is justice.

Lahren’s response was so utterly preposterous, you may need  to see the video for yourself in order to believe me. In an attempt to illustrate the prevalence of injustice in our legal systems, Jesse Williams honored victims and cited the case of Tamir Rice. Factually, he stated how police were able to walk up to a child playing in the park with a toy and shoot him dead on camera, in broad daylight, and walk free, -every last bit of which is an inarguable, documented FACT.  Instead of showing any form of human compassion or understanding toward the grievances caused by such a callous murder, Tomi Lahren instead, went on to inform Jesse Williams that most of the time black kids DO have guns and are looking to shoot people.  This is before once again stating blacks need to shut up, because they ( Jesse Williams included) owe her people a thank you because our white ancestors freed black slaves in the 1800’s??   Linked here.

Watch these videos discussing her Jesse Williams rant for more insight into how insufferably stupid and vile this woman is: Here. and the other here. As I can not possibly cover it all in one article.

Finally, a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas was put on by local activists with the full cooperation of the Dallas police force. The police were there to ensure the safety of everyone at the event.  A lone sniper and veteran of the U.S. Military  was frustrated with Black Lives Matter and angry with police officers, and began shooting.


As this was a lone gunman, the protesters had no idea they weren’t his intended target and were jumping in front of children, hiding behind cars, and fleeing for their lives! In response to the absolute horror that had been inflicted on the community of Dallas by a deranged person, Tomi Lahren responded with this:



What kind of disgusting person posts something like this?  It is the hatred spread by people like Tomi, the incapability to take any responsibility for wrongdoings, and the hatred that such a void of justice breeds in the heart of a killer who foolishly  believes the murder of random police officers will achieve some sort of justice.  If this man had actually wanted to support the cause of Black Lives Matter, he wouldn’t have gone after the Dallas police department, who are  known for taking huge strides toward reform and, as a direct result, have drastically reduced fatalities and injuries to both police officers and suspects. The Dallas police depart has made steps any person hoping for police reform would be happy with. So for someone to act as though the two entities are inherently at odds with one another is reprehensible. For exploiters  like Tomi Lahren and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for that matter,  to insult a group of people hurting from a tragedy, who are devastated by the loss of life that resulted from it, and insinuate it was the intended goal of each of the millions of black lives matter supporters across the country is inexcusable.



On multiple occasions Lahren has said something so factually wrong and despicable,  that it is not only inexcusable, but beyond irresponsible to present  such trash on any remotely credibly Network as fact. And YES, as a result, media outlets of integrity  then DO feel obligated to talk about her. Yes, they do understand doing so sadly does  reward her pathetic ploys for attention, but they feel it would be irresponsible and dangerous not to, and it would be!

The decent media figures are then collectively forced to address and clean up the mess of lies that The Blaze had no qualms  throwing all over the place… Many news shows, vloggers, columnists, radio DJs and the like, actually put their greatest value in doing everything within their power to ensure the truth is not drowned out by the vicious disgusting lies of reprehensible and pathetic media whores like Tomi Lahren. So they begrudgingly  feel obligated to explain, sentence by sentence, with reason and evidence, how absolutely nothing out of her mouth had any bearing in reality and  was the exact opposite of the truth.

Yes, it may be good in the short term for any network to get a bump in views caused by controversy, but any network with a modicum of credibility would have removed such an incendiary host months ago! Having such an embarrassment on air, has discredited the Blaze into oblivion, and shows how pathetically desperate they are for any kind of audience. With a youtube channel at barely 75,000 subscribers, Mass layoffs and plummeting ratings, they have reason to be desperate.  lost half it’s unique visitors in less than a year.

Ironically, The Blaze  likely feel that Lahren’s ratings are part of what keeps them afloat, but in actuality it breaks trust with the mass of viewers who will never trust The Blaze for credible news. The only people this sort of rhetoric would be appealing to, are the ever dwindling elderly demographic and young Limbaugh wannabes who, more than anything, want a return to the good old days of blind unquestioning allegiance to the state and it’s henchmen.

This small group of elderly people sprinkled with socially awkward youth is the base in which Tomi Lahren preaches to each night. If she suddenly were to become credible and honest she would be left without a job. As she would no longer be catering to the niche market she stupidly cornered herself in. But this niche market is dying off, and they are not being replaced.

The Daily Beast gives the following regarding Beck’s crumbling empire:

“By September 2012, when The Blaze signed a deal with The Dish Network for its programing to be carried on cable and satellite television, The New York Times reported that it boasted 300,000 paid digital subscribers—an unverifiable figure that insiders say has plummeted to around half that as The Blaze became available in 13 million cable households.”

In a taped meeting owned by the Daily Beast Beck was quoted warning his employees

“You’ve seen this company start to slide into that crappy zone. No! I’ll shut the damn thing down before we become everything we despise.” – Glenn Beck


Sadly Mr. Beck, that time has already come. You have shown you care more about a bottom line than honesty or integrity in the content produced by your network. A greedy,unethical, hypocritical distributor of lies for the sake of profit deserves nothing but failure.

I welcome your network’s demise.


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