Make America Defiant Again

Many believe “fighting for our freedom” is something primarily done by men in uniforms dying on the battlefield as part of  the U. S. Military..  In reality, since the 1800’s, the function of the U.S. military  has  been  perverted  into a nation building army that goes around the world policing other countries, and in many cases terrorizing them.

Few soldiers in the past 100 years have “fought for our freedoms” In fact U.S. soldiers “following orders”  have become  one of the largest threats to freedom, both in America and around the world. Rather than protect us, our soldier’s willingness to carry out unlawful and inhumane policies,  has  resulted in the creation of armed terrorist groups in the Middle East that are now terrorizing the world.

Ironically, the freedom that the residents of our country claim to love so much, is kept alive and most vehemently protected  by the very people and actions harshly condemned by military worshipers, and U.S. flag wavers.

In truth, we owe our freedom to the defiant. To those who continuously question, and make accountable our governing systems. To those who despise injustice and will not tolerate or whitewash blatant corruption. To those who love justice, and who love liberty, and who instill that love and those values in those around them and the generation to follow them.

Our nation was built on dissent. It was founded by those who did not salute, who would not comply with their oppressors. They felt no obligation to show their rulers gratitude for being far less oppressive than other, more heinous regimes around the world.  Our founders would not shut up, they would not excuse, and they did not tolerate or placate their oppressors.

Our nation was created by the righteous indignation of our founders. True freedom begins in the mind. It is our faith, values, virtues, righteousness, love, and justice that make a nation great. Set those things aside for the sake of national pride, and you will no longer have a nation to be proud of.

So what kind of man would feel convicted to sit, or reject the flag of a nation in which injustice is tolerated? The kind of man who thinks. The kind of man who is heartbroken when he sees other people suffering. The kind of man who values the justice and freedom you take for granted every day, and the kind of man who will fight for others when their rights are being taken away.

And if you are a person who is angered by someone refusing to stand for a piece of cloth, yet fail to be angered by those unjustly violated and slaughtered by the state; just know that every freedom we have, is in spite of, not because of, men like you.

The man you call ungrateful and traitor, is the man who values liberty and justice more than you do. Freedom is kept alive by those who value principle and justice over flags, songs, arrogance, and blind patriotism.

The Independent Journal Review asked Veterans for their take on NFL players opting to sit during the national anthem as a form of peaceful protest toward the decades of ever increasing police violence and oppression. I respond to positive veteran responses as well as one army ranger in particular named Dorian. Check out the video below for his thoughts and my response.

One thought on “Make America Defiant Again

  1. Patti

    Kassie, I just happened to stumble upon your post while searching the internet for a “Make America Defiant Again” shirt. I just want to thank you for your perfectly articulated words. Not only do I agree with everything you said, but I couldn’t have worded it better myself!


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