Why Trump Supporters Will Justify ANYTHING He Does

There is a reason Trump supporters will justify his behavior – no matter how liberal his policies, plentiful his lies, or how idiotic his rhetoric.

The Trump Campaign has programmed  followers to believe a harsh word against Trump is the equivalent to adoration of Clinton. Pointing out a fault of his, or even questioning him or attempting to keep him and his campaign accountable, then can only fall into two categories….

  1. A tactic used by the “anti-Trump Hillary co-opted media conspiracy” (yes, they really believe this) or….
  2. You are thereby agreeing with, and complicit to the war crimes, corruption, and scandals commuted by Clinton policies and back room deals..

This is why Trump supporters believe they are being victimized at every turn, and the whole world is in cahoots against Trump. In reality, the media has been far more kind to Trump than they should have been. They, in large part are to blame for the way each of his abhorrent policies, and derogatory remarks were never able to stick long enough to do  permanent damage to him. Sadly, the biggest thing these people are a victim of, is Trump’s campaign tactics, a false narrative and a false paradigm.

I go into more detail in the video below about how conservative, libertarian, and especially Christian support of Trump is just unacceptable. I will raise my future sons to be Godly men of integrity – NOTHING like Trump. Supporting a lifetime liberal womanizing crook like Trump is unacceptable.

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