Welcome to My Channel (Kassie West Previously Kassie Dill)

This youtube channel is meant to be a space for those who love faith, family, and motherhood. We will be discussing societal ills as well as topics like the negative impact of feminism and statist policies on society. My primary goal with this channel is to give others the knowledge I wish I had known when I was younger to save them years of wasted time and pain. I’d love to connect with fellow homeschooling families as well as anyone who is like minded or interested in the mentioned topics. Looking forward to this new season and posting videos regularly again for the first time in almost a decade!

One thought on “Welcome to My Channel (Kassie West Previously Kassie Dill)

  1. sharon

    you are an AMAZING young Woman- wife and mother- 🙂 Kassie
    wisdom is a
    woman 🙂
    with the love of truth
    for they perished as they did not love truth 2 thess 2-11
    with great respect
    please prayerfully consider this with your husband?
    dr taylor marshall ex episcopalian protestant now – father of 8 husband of 1
    roman catholic convert- to the one true faith
    philosophy professor


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