Are FOX News Satires Even Possible? Bill O’Reilly On “Well Fed” Slaves



I came across this meme mocking FOX News well before O’Reilly said his comments about how well the slaves were treated who were forced to help build the white house.

By the way, here is what Abigail Adams, John Adam’s wife,  had to say about the slaves who built the white house. Surely she is a great source since she actually witnessed the slave labor first hand that Bill O’ Reilly speaks of …you know, the ones who were so “well taken care of.”

“Two of our hardy N England men would do as much work in a day as the whole 12, but it is true Republicanism that drive the Slaves half fed, and destitute of cloathing, … to labour, whilst the owner waches about Idle, tho his one Slave is all the property he can boast.” – Abigail Adams