Cluttered to Organized: A Homeschool Bedroom Makeover!

This month was our daughter Scarlett’s first month of FIRST GRADE! She is homeschooled and we love it! But her room was a major distraction and not at all conducive to learning. With Scarlett, Mom, Dad, and brother all chipping in we were able to make it a nice soothing space for learning and relaxation! Now on to the next room!


Scarlett's Room Thumbnail


Why Are Parents So Miserable?

After my response to Vegan Gains Video “Happily Married Without Kids” I received many comments describing the pitfalls of parenthood and why so many people are choosing to go kid free. One woman’s comment had a majority of the most common reasons people regret having kids or decide against parenthood in one comment. Things such as “Parenting can age you by as much as 11 years per child” I will address these points one by one. This video and the one I made originally have nothing to do with me trying to change the minds of those firmly in the “no kids” section. It is more for those who hear these messages and wonder about their validity. Is parenting being miserable something that is inevitable? Or is parenthood being a wonderful experience something we have more control over than we think?