Alex Jones, This Is What You Get For Supporting A Deranged Lunatic

Alex Jones is ASTONISHED that Trump betrayed the American people by attacking Syria on Friday, putting us at risk for world war 3.  How on earth could you be surprised by this?  Trump has acted like a deranged lunatic since day one, has surrounded himself with warmongers since day one, cheated on every wife he ever had, spent his life bullying anyone he could, openly bragged about “getting away” with countless business scams, and all this has been known SINCE DAY ONE.

Are you really that dense you are surprised this low life degenerate has no integrity? Wow, the fact people saw him as anything but the epitome of evil just goes to show how terrible and unchristian American’s values are. What were you expecting? Trump has supported an oppressive police state since day one, and rose to prominence by vilifying non violent immigrants and refugees fleeing certain death. You really all of a sudden expected him to have compassion for women and children in the middle east? HA!

Below is a clip of Alex Jones SOBBING after realizing Trump has been a con artist this entire time (DUH ALEX). And I hope you DO feel guilty. You played a crucial part in electing this monster, now millions of lives will be damaged because of your blind allegiance to a moral degenerate.

Colin Kaepernick Takes Stand By Sitting During National Anthem


San Fransisco 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick is under fire after refusing to stand for the national anthem. Check his  Twitter feed  if you’d like to follow some of the action.

In true American fashion, within hours people were burning his jersey, he was mocked for daring to care about the oppression of others while he himself is a multi millionaire, memes were circling the internet showing wounded warriors going to great lengths to stand for the anthem while Colin Kaepernick is “able bodied, yet refuses”

But if you ask me? I’m impressed.

Because to be frank, patriotism isn’t that great. Nazi’s and North Koreans are very patriotic, what’s so great about that? Is a dutiful Nazi better than our unpatriotic and treasonous founding fathers who very un-patriotically told THEIR country to  “F off”?

Kaepernick was quoted as saying the following:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game against Green Bay. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

The 49ers issued this statement: “The national anthem is and always will be a special part of the pre-game ceremony. It is an opportunity to honor our country and reflect on the great liberties we are afforded as its citizens. In respecting such American principles as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose and participate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem.”…

“This is not something that I am going to run by anybody,” he said. “I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed. … If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.”

Showing integrity and using your platform  to make a difference in the world vs  merely using it for  your  own self promotion, is nothing to be ridiculed, disdained, or mocked. It should be commended.

Wasn’t this the same attitude our founding fathers had when their government became intolerable and oppressive? Why are so many people able to applaud these actions from over 200 years ago, but vilify the same spirit of righteous indignation and demands for justice when they see it in people today? . What is weak about a man abiding by his conscience, even to his own detriment?

As a Christian, I see pledging to a flag as a form of idolatry. A person’s postal address has nothing to do with the content of their character. A flag is nothing to die or kill for. My allegiance is to God, and the values I believe in – truth, liberty, and justice. My thoughts on flags, anthems, and allegiance aligns with that of Arundhati Roy when she said the following:


Like Kaepernick, I also often times do not stand for the anthem. It’s not something I hold particularly strong feelings about, for example,  if I’m in the middle of a conversation with a friend at a game and the anthem comes on, I likely wont sit and will just stay standing. But if I’m not otherwise distracted or am already sitting down? – no way I am standing up just to talk to a piece of cloth. I’m not the only one. Last year I wrote a story about a New Hampshire girl who refused to stand..Linked here: Teacher Takes Action Against Student Who Refused to Stand for Pledge of Allegiance


Here is another quote from Kaepernick I would like to share:

“My faith is the basis from where my game comes from. I’ve been very blessed to have the talent to play the game that I do and be successful at it. I think God guides me through every day and helps me take the right steps and has helped me to get to where I’m at. When I step on the field, I always say a prayer, say I am thankful to be able to wake up that morning and go out there and try to glorify the Lord with what I do on the field. I think if you go out and try to do that, no matter what you do on the field, you can be happy about what you did,”  Kaepernick told Daily Sparks Tribune in 2012.

I do believe Kaepernick should be proud of his actions on the field Friday. I believe he took a much bolder stand against injustice by sitting than he ever could have by standing and saying the pledge like everyone else.

Ironically, Kaepernick also showed a firm intolerance for systemic injustice and oppression – values shared by the often praised founders of our country – how very “American” of him.



Bye Bye Tomi Lahren! The BLAZE Audience is Dying – Literally!


Tomi Lahren

It is the same sad painfully manipulative technique used by FOX news.Bring on a black guest to talk about how horrible black people are.  Have the female hosts bash on women. Bring on a Mexican to explain how the “real” Mexican Americans are actually  FOR mass deportation and the break up of Hispanic families.

Such a technique is used primarily as a tool to make the most heinously abhorrent views seem socially acceptable. Who better to attest to the fact Mexico is essentially nothing but rapists and drug dealers than a Mexican?  The middle aged white man in Idaho can then use the Mexican guy he saw on T.V.  as proof  his beliefs are *definitely not*  based on  blatant misinformation and racist stereotypes.  Thus, he is able to really let loose the next time he goes on his rant about why  America’s only chance at survival is to build a wall and keep out the Mexicans.

Though it seemed impossible a network could ever exceed the jaw dropping bias and manipulation utilized by FOX News. It appears Glenn Beck’s  The Blaze has managed to do just that.

In an attempt to pander to their base of  ranting geriatric patients, the Blaze chose a young millennial to passionately espouse the  viewpoints most commonly and vehemently rejected by young millennials.  When Tomi Lahren, barely out of college, applied for an internship at OAN, they fell all over themselves and instead offered the young woman her own  show, which she hosted before being hired by The Blaze to do the same thing for them.  Just as neo conservatives fall all over themselves and can barely believe their luck  when they find a black conservative to tout around as much as they possibly can, this geriatric network could  hardly believe it when they found a young hot blonde girl smart enough to know how to dress cute and do her eyebrows and simultaneously dumb enough to actually believe all their moronic bullshit.

While it may be possible to find  many young people who also  believe OAN and The Blaze’s garbage, they are usually unattractive, not properly socialized, uneducated, and primarily found  in rural areas. They tend to be young people, who despite their age, due to either poverty, lack of exposure, or limited internet access, are still just as  limited in their news sources as their senior citizen counterparts.    It is a very rare find indeed to discover someone of our generation (age 20 to 34), who grew up in the age of information,  yet is still willing to tout the archaic, racist,  bootlicking, iron fisted, authoritarian talking points of the 1950’s. The Blaze would have been ready to hire and prop up any remotely attractive and coherent millennial willing to do so, Tomi Lahren just so  happened to be the one to best  fit the description.   

I first saw her when a couple friends posted a video of her  in which she was ranting about 4 marines killed in Tennessee and how  bombing a desert halfway around the world was the only logical response.  Linked Here.

I immediately found her to be one of most insufferable human beings on the planet.  Her demeanor, attitude, and arrogance all mixed with unfathomable stupidity – with everything combined, it was beyond nauseating.  I couldn’t even watch the whole video, she was SO cringy. But beyond finding her personality particularly  insufferable, and the immorality of promoting death to random people halfway around the world for something that happened in Tennessee. (people who wouldn’t even recognize Tennessee on a map), her views were no worse than any other bootlicker or corporate media whore.  Nothing she said was beyond what  we hear from neo-conservatives, Fox news pundits, and conservative talk show hosts on the daily. Thus, she was forgotten by the end of the day.

It was not until she went on a psychotic tirade against Beyonce who used her Superbowl platform to give voice to those unjustly murdered by police, that I saw Tomi Lahren again. All my A-political friends hadn’t noticed anything about Beyonce’s performance, and just thought it was a good show.  Tomi’s rant on that issue is here. but save yourself the misery, the whole thing could be summed up as follows:

“Beyonce is a racist! Hellbent on dividing our nation. Saying that all people,  blacks included deserve justice when wrongly killed by someone with a badge – is  definitely a form of domestic terrorism. There is really nothing that justifies outrage against police or the biased judicial system. Not even when children, or those unarmed and doing nothing wrong  are murdered by a cop in cold blood, and he walks free.  Even then, anger or reform is not justified. Blacks are dangerous, and owe whites a thank you for freeing them, Oh! And the black panthers killed people 50 years ago.”

The  person being divisive was Tomi Lahren, with her disgusting lack of reverence and respect for human life – not Beyonce! As a white person I felt in no way divided  or excluded by Beyonce, nor would any rational person. If anything, it was a moment of unification for everyone who believes blacks should NOT be gunned down at random. I had no idea such a generic, universally accepted truth could possibly be viewed as “divisive.”  But boy, was I wrong.

A couple months later, she outdid herself and gave a rant far worse than the one about Beyonce…. something I did not even know was possible. It was in response to a beautiful speech given by Jesse Williams at the BET Awards. Jesse Williams did the most American thing a person can do and used his platform and voice to demand reform, justice, and to air his grievances against the government. He honored the life of a slain child, and showed compassion, love, and empathy in his call for a better world in which there is justice.

Lahren’s response was so utterly preposterous, you may need  to see the video for yourself in order to believe me. In an attempt to illustrate the prevalence of injustice in our legal systems, Jesse Williams honored victims and cited the case of Tamir Rice. Factually, he stated how police were able to walk up to a child playing in the park with a toy and shoot him dead on camera, in broad daylight, and walk free, -every last bit of which is an inarguable, documented FACT.  Instead of showing any form of human compassion or understanding toward the grievances caused by such a callous murder, Tomi Lahren instead, went on to inform Jesse Williams that most of the time black kids DO have guns and are looking to shoot people.  This is before once again stating blacks need to shut up, because they ( Jesse Williams included) owe her people a thank you because our white ancestors freed black slaves in the 1800’s??   Linked here.

Watch these videos discussing her Jesse Williams rant for more insight into how insufferably stupid and vile this woman is: Here. and the other here. As I can not possibly cover it all in one article.

Finally, a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas was put on by local activists with the full cooperation of the Dallas police force. The police were there to ensure the safety of everyone at the event.  A lone sniper and veteran of the U.S. Military  was frustrated with Black Lives Matter and angry with police officers, and began shooting.


As this was a lone gunman, the protesters had no idea they weren’t his intended target and were jumping in front of children, hiding behind cars, and fleeing for their lives! In response to the absolute horror that had been inflicted on the community of Dallas by a deranged person, Tomi Lahren responded with this:



What kind of disgusting person posts something like this?  It is the hatred spread by people like Tomi, the incapability to take any responsibility for wrongdoings, and the hatred that such a void of justice breeds in the heart of a killer who foolishly  believes the murder of random police officers will achieve some sort of justice.  If this man had actually wanted to support the cause of Black Lives Matter, he wouldn’t have gone after the Dallas police department, who are  known for taking huge strides toward reform and, as a direct result, have drastically reduced fatalities and injuries to both police officers and suspects. The Dallas police depart has made steps any person hoping for police reform would be happy with. So for someone to act as though the two entities are inherently at odds with one another is reprehensible. For exploiters  like Tomi Lahren and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for that matter,  to insult a group of people hurting from a tragedy, who are devastated by the loss of life that resulted from it, and insinuate it was the intended goal of each of the millions of black lives matter supporters across the country is inexcusable.



On multiple occasions Lahren has said something so factually wrong and despicable,  that it is not only inexcusable, but beyond irresponsible to present  such trash on any remotely credibly Network as fact. And YES, as a result, media outlets of integrity  then DO feel obligated to talk about her. Yes, they do understand doing so sadly does  reward her pathetic ploys for attention, but they feel it would be irresponsible and dangerous not to, and it would be!

The decent media figures are then collectively forced to address and clean up the mess of lies that The Blaze had no qualms  throwing all over the place… Many news shows, vloggers, columnists, radio DJs and the like, actually put their greatest value in doing everything within their power to ensure the truth is not drowned out by the vicious disgusting lies of reprehensible and pathetic media whores like Tomi Lahren. So they begrudgingly  feel obligated to explain, sentence by sentence, with reason and evidence, how absolutely nothing out of her mouth had any bearing in reality and  was the exact opposite of the truth.

Yes, it may be good in the short term for any network to get a bump in views caused by controversy, but any network with a modicum of credibility would have removed such an incendiary host months ago! Having such an embarrassment on air, has discredited the Blaze into oblivion, and shows how pathetically desperate they are for any kind of audience. With a youtube channel at barely 75,000 subscribers, Mass layoffs and plummeting ratings, they have reason to be desperate.  lost half it’s unique visitors in less than a year.

Ironically, The Blaze  likely feel that Lahren’s ratings are part of what keeps them afloat, but in actuality it breaks trust with the mass of viewers who will never trust The Blaze for credible news. The only people this sort of rhetoric would be appealing to, are the ever dwindling elderly demographic and young Limbaugh wannabes who, more than anything, want a return to the good old days of blind unquestioning allegiance to the state and it’s henchmen.

This small group of elderly people sprinkled with socially awkward youth is the base in which Tomi Lahren preaches to each night. If she suddenly were to become credible and honest she would be left without a job. As she would no longer be catering to the niche market she stupidly cornered herself in. But this niche market is dying off, and they are not being replaced.

The Daily Beast gives the following regarding Beck’s crumbling empire:

“By September 2012, when The Blaze signed a deal with The Dish Network for its programing to be carried on cable and satellite television, The New York Times reported that it boasted 300,000 paid digital subscribers—an unverifiable figure that insiders say has plummeted to around half that as The Blaze became available in 13 million cable households.”

In a taped meeting owned by the Daily Beast Beck was quoted warning his employees

“You’ve seen this company start to slide into that crappy zone. No! I’ll shut the damn thing down before we become everything we despise.” – Glenn Beck


Sadly Mr. Beck, that time has already come. You have shown you care more about a bottom line than honesty or integrity in the content produced by your network. A greedy,unethical, hypocritical distributor of lies for the sake of profit deserves nothing but failure.

I welcome your network’s demise.


Dismiss The Concerns Of Black Lives Matter At Your Own Peril

Unchecked power and authority impact all of us; on both a visceral and physical level. Admittedly, I myself am engulfed with frustration and rage against those who spread the attitudes and lies that allow injustice to proliferate. Those whose inaction is validated by their misplaced sense of security. Security derived only from themselves not being the current target.
It is indeed true, that an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. I am disappointed in the majority of our population in their failure to see such a truth. Disappointed in their failure to remember history. Disappointed in their failure to hold vigilant watch against any form of unruly government powers. And disappointed by how fervently they latch on to talking points, yet forget sound principles. They name the oppressed their enemy and have forgotten the true enemy.
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
I am not called a selfless person by many people, hardly anyone now that I think about it. So it is not out of “white saviorism”, “white guilt”, or selflessness  that I support the Black Lives Matter movement and others who share my desire for a more accountable, safe, prosperous, and just society. It is because of my own hatred for injustice and my own instinctive self preservation that I stand for any cause that seeks to eradicate the entities and practices that exist to the detriment of its people. It is because every time  I see  a person killed or brutalized by the state a piece of my soul dies. And  while the black man today… may be the  most likely and vulnerable victim of the state’s brutalities, he certainly is not the only victim..
White children, boys and girls, have been murdered in their sleep due to careless no knock raids. Unarmed, non threatening, and non violent Hispanic and white women have been killed, rendered to a vegetative state, had their teeth knocked out, and their skulls cracked by those who claim to serve and protect us. Young white men with bright futures have been killed, others put into a comas for infractions as innocuous as a broken taillight.  Acts as innocent as picking up ice-cream on a first date have ended in the execution of white men. It wasn’t long ago, the state awarded a 3 million dollar settlement to a white woman’s family after she was fatally shot 6 times in the head and neck by a plain clothed officer for improperly parking in a church parking lot.
While I do not say this to dismiss the undeniable and factually sustained claim that blacks are the ones who currently suffer most from an overbearing, inherently immoral,  and corrupt police state. The truth is, every year the police kill far more whites than any other race. Blacks are killed at a much higher rate, but because they are a much smaller percent of the population, they do not account for the majority of police killings.
So yes, police abuse and brutality should concern all of us. And yes, as it stands today, police abuse does have the most oppressive impact by far on the black community. This is why we should listen to the warnings of Niemöller, learn from mankind’s past mistakes,  and understand history teaches over and over, we will all ultimately be subject to whatever we tolerate. Such a poignant message is more critical now than ever before.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

– Niemöller

Many refuse to acknowledge the horror inflicted upon our society’s most vulnerable, out of a fear of igniting a war on police. but even with the increase in tensions, officer fatalities have been at an all time low the past several years. And, as shown in statistics ranking professions by their risk of fatality,  as of 2016, it is significantly more dangerous to be a landscaper than a police officer.
The rhetoric is hype.
Used to scare us into placing justice in the backseat, and into accepting the oppression inflicted upon entire communities as a necessity for peace. To tell us silence is needed because the pursuit of justice would not be worth the cost. That justice should be sacrificed at the alter of peace. Yet, Christ taught wisdom must be pure before it can be peaceable.
When a man stands on the sound principles of human dignity, liberty, the right to privacy, the right to be secure in his own persons, government accountability, and the truth that we are all created in the image of God. Then the onus of changing for the sake of peace is on whoever stands against him. What value is a peace that survives only on  acquiescence to evil?
It was the same charge given by white plantation owners against those who sought to eradicate slavery.  To be labeled disruptive to the peace is a charge that will always be hurled toward anyone who stands for justice in an unjust world. Because where there is injustice there is the society in which it was established and tolerated. Where there is injustice there is the status quo and the system that sustains it
So yes. There will be division. There will be disruption. The blame for which is not on those who seek a just and accountable society. That blame is on the man whose peace is placed in a world sustained by corruption, greed, violence, and hatred. It is up to him to search his heart, acknowledge the error of his ways, and do everything within his power to be a man of justice every day forward.
 If you are of the belief that all men are created in the image of God. Then trust in that principle more than the false narratives of corporate whores in the media. And instead start asking questions.  Why would you believe law enforcement can do no wrong when Jesus Christ himself was crucified by men dutifully enforcing the law?
If you believe all men were created in the image of God why do you tout off statistics like, “90 percent of black people killed every year are killed by other blacks,” without putting it in context by also mentioning that, “84 percent of white people killed every year are killed by other whites.”
Why bring up a statistic in response to someone’s murder? Does any statistic invalidate their right to justice? Does any statistic have the power to make something wrong, no longer wrong simply because it is one of many? The next time a white person is murdered by an authority figure, do you believe it is wrong to get upset or seek justice because a single murder is “frivolous” in comparison to the  “white on white crime rate” ?  
When you see a mother devastated by the murder of her innocent son at the hands of police, or a black man going about his business shot for no reason before your very eyes, yet feel nothing more than the urge to repeat an ingrained talking point; it is time to question who you have allowed yourself to become, and what you have allowed yourself to believe. These pundits who claim Christ, yet do nothing but support evil, spread misinformation, and perpetuate intentional lies,  will not be there for you on the day you become the state’s unfortunate target.
“The wicked flee when no man pursueth but the righteous are bold as a lions”




Turning the Wronged into the Wrong: Media Continues to Ignore Years of Police Brutality Prior to Baltimore Riots


Since 2011 over 100 people have won lawsuits against the Baltimore Police Department for use of excessive force. Many of the officers involved were given a slap on the wrist, did not even lose their job, and continued to walk free after terrorizing the very people they were entrusted to protect.

In the rare instance an officer actually stood up against one of his own, the results were typical and disappointing to say the least.

After blowing the whistle on two fellow officers after they assaulted a suspect in 2011, former officer Joseph Crystal was forced to resign after continued harassment from officers in his department for being a snitch.

The message is clear. Cops protect their own, this allegiance is placed above, right, wrong, injustice, and justice. Any officer who fails to comply with this code of “honor” pays the price.

The 10,000 protesters who marched the streets of Baltimore for justice in the death of Freddie Gray  should not be expected to answer for, or be responsible for the actions of looters and vandals. The protesters do not represent them, and are in no way responsible for those taking advantage of a moment of civil unrest.

No amount of looting or vandalism discredits the true issue at hand. And to those who actually care, no amount of misdirection is going to numb the pain and hurt levied against communities by lawless, power hungry police officers who walk free time and time again after they destroy and end lives.

When men are left beaten or dead, and those responsible are more likely to receive paid vacations during  “investigations”  than prison sentences, you would be naive to not expect outrage.

The riots in Baltimore are tame and what is to be expected given the devastating circumstance those protesting find themselves in. The fact media outlets claim to be appalled and shocked by a few days of mayhem in response to decades of oppression and systematic police brutality only goes to showcase the flippancy with which they view the devastation caused by systematic unpunished police brutality against entire communities.

While I do not condone violence, and while I do not support looting or robbing random businesses who are innocent in this situation, I also must be honest in saying, I really don’t give a damn about a looted CVS store, and I really don’t give a damn about a few people getting roughed up amongst some rioters, and I really don’t give a damn about people setting fire to police vehicles.

I just don’t.

The thought of a broken window or a pair of stolen Reeboks isn’t going to keep me up at night, it just isn’t. It shouldn’t keep you up at night either. A looted CVS store has never been cause for national outrage or national attention before, so why would it suddenly be so important now?

The media is intentionally changing the narrative of this story.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Something has to change. If you expect the community to do nothing or depend on and have faith in a justice system that has failed them over and over and over again then you are completely illogical.

The justice system and the police force that victims are told to put their trust in, are the very entities that have oppressed them for decades. We have reached a point where there is no reasonable or logical hope for legal means of retaliation or justice.


Do you honestly expect these people to just sit down, shut up and trust the moral sensibilities of their oppressors, hoping their oppressors decide to yield justice against themselves?

That is insanity.

We as a nation need help, this is about more than Freddie Gray, the riots in Ferguson, or the Baltimore Police Department, this is about an epidemic of unbridled police power throughout our entire nation and it has gone on for far too long.

Right now communities such as the impoverished areas of Baltimore are feeling the brunt of police violence because police know they can get away with attacking those of little power, with little influence, and little means of retaliation. Police consistently attack those who are impoverished and consistently attack minorities because they know that they can.

It is up to us to tell them they can not. It is up to us to let them know we do care, we will speak up, and we will make sure officers are held accountable for their actions.

We are not looking at an instance of “two wrongs” but an example of an oppressed and victimized community taking a stand, taking action -any action, against their violent oppressors.

And it is only at this point the media has the gall to act offended by violence? It is at this point the media has chosen to make a call for peace?

Where was the media’s concern with violence when Freddie Gray was being murdered? Where was the media’s concern with violence while the Baltimore police murdered 6 black men from January 2014 to March 2015 alone?

This isn’t a game, it isn’t a soundbite. We are talking about human lives, and it is only when those victimized take a stand against their oppressors that our media has the audacity to position itself as the moral authority on the issue of violence.

The media coverage over this has been disgusting, and we should all be disgusted. The outrage felt by these protesters is more than justified. Condemning peaceful protesters, or even those who are opportunistic looters, over state funded murderers is morally indefensible.

Crime and injustice are not the same thing. If a robber robs a store, and is then apprehended tried and convicted; justice was served. Robbery is not something our society repeatedly turns a blind eye to. Authoritative abuse is. When a cop can murder a man on camera, and walk away a free man. No justice was served.

This is not just one cop. It is not a few “bad apples”, but every member of the police force who turned a blind eye to misconduct and did nothing is also responsible for the situation at hand. They are the ones responsible for the situation in Baltimore. Their families, their friends, their loved ones who did not speak out against their deplorable actions are also responsible. The time has come for us to hold officers accountable for their actions, for even in their inaction they have chosen action.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer