#FreeKent : The Campaign to Free Pastor Who Faces 20 Years in Prison for Sending a Letter.

11036670_882122778477919_1899423039408309860_n#FreeKent is a movement dedicated to seeing Pastor Kent Hovind walk out of prison  a free man. We hope to return Hovind to his loving family by bringing awareness to his case and rallying support. The Florida pastor now faces an additional 20 years in prison for the crime of mailing paperwork. His upcoming May 18th court date in Florida will determine his fate.

Note the word: Additional.

Pastor Kent Hovind has already served 8 years in prison.

A man who has never committed a crime, smoked a cigarette or drunk alcohol, has been locked up with rapists, pedophiles, and murderers (many serving sentences shorter than his) for the past 8 years.

His original crime?

Kent Hovind ran an international ministry. The workers hired by Hovind to help run it were treated as contract workers and thus, as according to law for all who make payments to contract workers, Hovind did not withhold payroll taxes on his worker’s checks. He was following standard tax code. He was not evading or trying to “get away” with anything.

However, the IRS decided to single out Dr. Hovind. and upon an audit,  the IRS claimed they did not view Hovind’s ministry as a “church” and therefore he should have been withholding payroll taxes from his employee’s paychecks.  – This is the supposed “evasion” he was accused of.

The feds also alleged the cash he withdrew from the ministry account in order to pay his workers was “money laundering” (how else would anyone pay people?) – and convicted Hovind on “structuring” charges.

(Note: Such charges are usually reserved for the money transferring of drug lords, and most often punished with only a fine. Even in the most extreme cases those convicted of structuring are punished with a few months of prison time. A 10 year sentence for this type of crime is unheard of.)

10402593_949649575063091_6079305414113722345_nHovind is an inspirational and well respected man of God. The former school teacher known for sharing the gospel of Christ around the globe,  was supposed to walk free in February 2015. Instead, as if the injustices he has already endured weren’t enough, in October 2014, Hovind, along with Paul Hansen, was indicted by a grand jury for mail fraud. His son Eric Hovind updated Hovind supporters in December. Below is a link to Kent Hovind’s facebook page and the update written by his son.

Below is an excerpt from Eric Hovind’s statements:

“Update on Dad by Eric Hovind.

Additional Charges for Dr. Hovind Dec. 2, 2014

First, thank you so much for checking in on my dad. He has now been in prison for more than 8 years. During this time God has used him to lead over 500 men to Christ, allowed him to read over 1500 books, and to author several books on various topics.
For the past several years, we have been expecting to see Dad home around February of 2015. We are praying that he will still be released in February. However, on October 24, 2014, the government handed down an indictment from a Grand Jury granting permission to prosecute both Kent Hovind and another gentleman for mail fraud. Dad is being represented by a public defender who said that these charges are unique in that typically mail fraud is used when someone defrauds another individual out of money. In this case, there was no money defrauded. Dad’s trial is currently set for January 5, 2015″


11193329_918203171536546_2191827668203954572_nIt is heartbreaking to see such a kind and loving man persecuted, tortured, jailed, ripped apart, and at the mercy of some of the most evil and abusive members of our justice system. Just to give you an idea of what he is up against; the judge residing over the case, Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers is inconceivably biased. She has a long history of discriminatory rulings against Christians, has publicly stated she views Hovind’s crimes to be “worse than rape”. and refers to his world famous christian ministry as a “hate group”.

The original prosecuting attorney John David Roy Atchinson who fought to put Hovind behind bars is a convicted pedophile. Atchinson gained notoriety after he was arrested for pedophilia involving children under the age of 5. This was merely a few years after this monster saw to it Hovind was put behind bars as a “danger” to society. These are the types of  scum who sought to imprison this decent man and devastate his family.  Kent Hovind was utilizing the resources and legal avenues given to him by our justice system. He was following their own rules for filing the proper paperwork legally protecting his own property while he was in prison serving his sentence. Forbes columnist Peter J Reilly wrote concerning the Hovind case, and below is a quote from his article.

Independent Baptist Minister and Young Earth Creationist, Kent Hovind, nearing the end of a long prison sentence for tax related crimes, was tried on new charges earlier this month. He and his co-defendant Paul John Hansen were charged with contempt of court, fraud and conspiracy because of filings that they made affecting property seized by the government.

The seizures related to Hovind’s earlier conviction. The jury found Hovind and Hansen guilty of contempt, but was unable to reach a verdict on the more serious fraud and conspiracy charges. Today federal prosecutor Tiffany Eggers has filed notice that the Government intends to proceed to retrial on the charges that the previous jury did not reach a verdict on.

Kent Hovind had warned his supporters earlier this week that a retrial was likely.

if you would like to learn more about the injustices against Hovind, check out the following sites and video for more details and ways to help.



Case background:  http://the-trumpet-online.com/kent-hovind-jail/

Hovind Interview with InfoWars host Alex Jones 


If you have the money and resources to hire organizations such as The US Observer to look into covering this case. The help of such organizations with a history of freeing victims of authoritative abuses and judicial corruption  would be wonderful. We could use as many resources on the case as possible, especially from those in positions to change the outcome and spread awareness.

We need boots on the ground at the trial, an event page for more information is below:

May 18th event info on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1565860570353031/

Spread Awareness: Tweet and share Hovind’s plight with everyone you know! and include hashtag #FreeKent

Write and appeal to congress to repeal the structuring law that would criminalize thousands of small businesses and ensure the repeal is made retroactive.

Write to judge Margaret Casey Rodgers or Call (850) 435 – 8448 and tell her to let Hovind go!

Her address is:

Chief District Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers

United States Courthouse

One North Palafox St.

Pensacola, Florida 32502

We must hurry the trial is May 18th 2015.

Hovind Evolution Creation Seminar Series 

3 thoughts on “#FreeKent : The Campaign to Free Pastor Who Faces 20 Years in Prison for Sending a Letter.

  1. Christine Callaghan

    Every thing of the very best to you Mr Hovind. I pray for your quick and swift release. Only God can give back to you 100 fold what you have lost. But one thing I know – God calls those who are saving soles wise. You have gained much Wisdom over the past years. You have our love and support all the way in Port Elizabeth South Africa.


    1. Christine Callaghan

      Please if at all possible let Mr Hovind see the post sent above. So that he can know his support is far and wide around the world.


  2. greg kruyer

    may God intervene in this outrageous demonic scheme of the devil…. USA government and judiciary will be judged by God and will one day give an account before the one true judge.


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