Glenn Beck, Redeem Yourself, KEEP Tomi’s Facebook!

Keep the facebook Glenn.

I would like to give a public “thank you”  directly to Glenn Beck

Despite what many people are telling you, you did the right thing in firing Tomi Lahren. You did NOT commit professional suicide, (if a lying  media whore is the only thing holding your network together, then it was already dead, and you are better off with a network that dies with dignity)

You did not ban someone for “having a different opinion”  You did not “screw her over” or wrongfully abandon someone. You took the first step toward getting any SEMBLANCE of credibility back to THE BLAZE and your own character. You made room to bring on someone principled, interesting, and thoughtful in place of cheap likes and regurgitated talking points.

You made way for more attention to be placed on the thoughtful principled contributors you already have like Matt Walsh. He is one of several who actually deserves the respect and attention he receives. As do other  contributors who “contribute” to the world by  providing a new perspective, thoughtful insight, and careful intelligent analysis of complex issues.

While the rest of the media is claiming you fired her for “having a different opinion” I actually believe you when you say, that wasn’t the reason.  And while there is no way you will probably ever publicly say this, I have a feeling you did this for the RIGHT reason. You fired her because she is a bad person.

And make no mistake, Tomi Lahren is a bad person.

You were wrong to hire her in the first place , you were weak to keep her on for as long as you did,  you did the first step to make things right when you fired her, and publicly corrected her. You need to follow through with making this right, by not further allowing her to use the platform you wrongfully gave her to spread mis-information, false narratives, and ignorance. You need to keep ownership of her facebook, change the name to something or someone else, and use it to undo the negativity you allowed to proliferate. Make this right Glenn. The facebook fans do not contractually belong to her. Do not give them to her. Use the platform to further the spread of truth, justice, and solid values. As such a voice is desperately needed amidst our current sea of misinformation and societal degeneration. If Tomi wants to go on spewing her ignorant garbage, she can do so by building a platform on her own. But at least  you can walk away knowing you weren’t the one who handed her the platform on a silver platter.

I believe you when you say, it’s not because she disagrees with you, because I’ve seen many of those hired by you, say things you disagree with, and it has never been a problem. Anyone who takes a closer look at this situation will see the same thing. And I know because, speaking for myself,  I do not despise her because of her political opinions either. I couldn’t possibly. At least 80% of my friends and family would probably agree with just about every one of her “political views”

While I myself,  am a conservative leaning libertarian and christian, most of my family and childhood friends would not consider themselves as fundamentally religious as I am. Most of them ascribe to virtually all the same Republican beliefs as Tomi, yet I love my family and friends to death. I meet people all the time who would agree with  her politically, and  I find those people delightful in many ways.

Because you are right Glenn,  this isn’t about a difference of opinion. This is about someone being exalted, being lifted up by our society, while shamelessly embodying the most destructive and vile of human characteristics.

She is, as you pointed out, deliberately intellectually dishonest.  She will speak to whatever she thinks will generate the most attention and cult following, and do so with no regard or care to the damage and destruction left in her wake. Because in the end, its all about her, because as we’ve established… she is a very bad person. And a very pathetic and transparent bad person at that.

Her attacks on feminism, a subject one could write multiple valid arguments against, just came off as shallow attempts to pander toward conservative guys. It served no purpose beyond positioning herself as one of the few the hot girls who “gets it”

Her segment on millennials came off as an attention grab from someone who recently saw several videos regurgitating the same four “Millennials are the Worst” talking points going viral, and decided to make one of her own to get in on the attention. Why did it come off that way? Because she was repeating the exact same talking points we’ve all heard a million times, adding nothing new to the conversation. Nothing that came out of her mouth served a purpose other than to get old people to tell her how “wise beyond her years” she is.

In one of her more egregious rants, she attacked Jessie Williams after he used his platform at the BET awards to shed light on flaws within our  justice system referencing specific instances of injustice and police brutality – A teen walking down the street after getting skittles,  a young boy playing in a park, and a man standing on a sidewalk, all of whom were murdered. Their family’s pain  was only magnified by the injustice as they watched  the men who murdered their loved ones walk free –  no justice, no consequences. Nothing.

Instead of having any compassion for grieving families and murder victims, she used a man giving voice to their pain, as a  self serving opportunity to  play on the ignorance, and bias of her audience. She compared murder victims, their grieving families, and activists for justice, to the KKK. She painted the murderers as heroes, and the victims as violent thugs. She intentionally ignored the fact Jesse Williams referenced a 12 year old boy who was murdered while playing in a park, (because innocent victims didn’t fit her narrative.) So instead, she implied anyone who has ever been shot or killed by police, from children to innocent bystanders, was a thug who had it coming! What was the point of saying something so disgusting?  Just to “stir things up?”  Just so all the racists and law enforcement worshipers could tell her how “brave she was”?  All to fulfill some sick  grandiose fantasy she plays out daily in her head, where saying the most despicable things imaginable, somehow makes her  “a voice crying out in the wilderness”

However, none of her idiotic rants came as a surprise to you, Glenn Beck. Let’s not forget Tomi first came into the public arena because of a “brave” video in which she stated what all of us already believed to be true, but were merely “too afraid to say out loud”  (We aren’t as brave as she is you know)

The video was a viral rant in which, she reasoned America must  light up and bomb the entire middle east.  She bravely explained how indiscriminately murdering millions upon millions of innocent men, women, and children,  was clearly the only reasonable and righteous response to four marines who were randomly murdered in Tennessee by one crazy person. Duh!

Remember? The inbreds,  military worshipers,, and xenophobes were the only ones wise enough to see her for the real life, brave, truth speaking, joan of arc she was!

Remember? ….All the moral, intelligent, reasonable people condemning the retarded blonde girl for promoting genocide were called “cowards, too conditioned by PC culture to admit life’s hard truths”  Then these two groups fought each other in the comment section every time her video was posted and the result was a viral sensation. Remember that? …. I do.

This is where you – Glenn Beck – need to realize you have a wrong you still need to make right.  You hired this woman after that rant. You knew she was dumb, you knew she was illogical, you knew she played on emotions, and bias, and fear, and everything else that destroys the very fabric of society. You knew she bragged about not being a reader, you knew her content was not based on principle or sound moral philosophy.

You hired her fully knowing she was hired straight out of college by the network you found her on. You knew she was their desperate and transparent attempt to “be sexy and appeal to young folks” by having a 20-something repeat the talking points of geriatric patients. You knew all this, and you still wanted her on The Blaze.

You found her because a network randomly decided to give a platform to the next reasonably attractive young girl to walk through the door, and that girl happened to be Tomi Lahren. The only qualification or character trait that mattered was the ability to deliver lines. Her only function was to be the new spokesperson for every elderly white man who missed the good old days of bombing foreigners, bankrupting future generations, blindly worshiping government authority, and oppressing black people.

The network  didn’t care if she embodied  moral character or personal responsibility, values a free society can not possibly thrive without.   It didn’t matter to them the substance of who that person was. Because they knew as long as they had a hot female package to give their message, their audience wouldn’t really care about anything else.

It is the same technique used by FOX news when they bring their token black commentators in to agree with everything:  “See! Here’s a black man who agrees black people are definitely the only thing to blame for any problem a black person ever faces! We were right all along! – Clearly!”

When they hired a then unknown Tomi Lahren, the network knew the wrapping was all that mattered, and they were right.  They knew the new package with the old message would generate a ton of attention and they were correct.  And you Glenn Beck, knew the only value she could possibly bring to The Blaze was an ability to generate views through deliberate mis-information, exaggeration, pandering to target demographics, and pointing out correlations that don’t exist.

For some reason this didn’t matter to you. For some reason you felt a network that creates false narratives, promotes injustice, breeds hatred, and exalts murder was better than no network at all.

And I will give you a bit of credit, when I say I think you came to regret what you did, and that you came to regret what you did for the right reasons.

You came to realize fame and attention don’t really matter that much, unless you actually believe in the message being spread. A lie just isn’t as satisfying, because no matter how much you gain from it,  it isn’t real.

I think you saw our country elect a man who was greedy, self interested, arrogant, mean, and destructive. I think it bothered you our nation exalted a man to the highest office who at his core is  a man you wouldn’t want your kids being friends with,  a man you’d never want your daughter to date.  A man of weak moral character.  A man who said whatever he needed to in order to get where and what he wanted. A man who is a coward. A man who mocks and ridicules easy targets, objectifies women, and vilifies the most vulnerable and powerless in society. The very people whose human dignity and human rights he should be defending.  Beyond all his political beliefs, Trump is just a bad person. A mean person, someone I don’t trust and who shouldn’t be trusted. I think you also felt he was not good for our country. I think you hated that millions of self labeled Christians, conservatives, and evangelicals fell for his obvious and blatant pandering. They justified over and over and over his big government policies, his immoral behavior, and damaging rhetoric.

Building a wall was more important than teaching our children the value of taking a principled stance. Building a wall was more important than the eternal damage caused by hailing Trump as a good representation for the values of Christian Americans. The charismatic packaging was so good. And he played on their fears and unspoken biases, and it mattered little that the man had  never cracked a bible in his life or that he embodied so much of everything Christ stood against. He just had to play on their fear of Hillary, and liberals, and Mexicans, long enough for everyone to forget the values they claimed to be willing to die for!

All these people were falling for a guy who was clearly just saying “whatever” to reach an end goal.  And it bothered you. I think you felt guilty, because you knew you were guilty of the same thing.

How could you condemn America for exalting a bad person to a high position of influence when they were most afraid? You are the same man who brought on a dumb woman, a mean woman,  who picks on easy targets, and says whatever she needs to get what she wants. You did so because your network was failing and suddenly the values and mission you  started with didn’t seem as important as keeping your network afloat.  You chose to bring someone on  who would damage the credibility of the very message your network was initially founded to spread.  And you came to realize with Tomi, just as America will realize with Trump, that the compromise wasn’t worth it.

You saw the same moral failings that allowed a woman to promote genocide against nations for no reason, also made her difficult to work with. The same cowardice that allowed her to vilify those most vulnerable and voiceless, allowed her to callously demean work colleagues. A woman whose shtick was levying cheap classless personal attacks on political figures, did the same to other members of The Blaze staff –  ones you actually liked.  Unlike Sean Hannity, or you, or Ann Coulter, or Matt Walsh or a countless number of other political pundits, Tomi Lahren reminds me mostly of Bill O’Reilly.

Why? Because he’s just a bad person. The same arrogance and hatred that allows him to push false narratives in such a ruthless and intentionally misleading way. Is what makes him verbally abusive toward his own family, it’s what allowed him to step on whoever he wanted just because he could. Its why his own children testified that over the course of a decade, they have almost never seen their own father. (this is the same man who blames the “absent black fathers” for all society’s ills by the way). It’s why his wife left him, its why he repeatedly stalked, harassed, and sexually assaulted women he worked with on set. Then vilified and smeared them if they dared to speak up or seek justice. In short, Bill O’ Reilly is an awful person.  In every way, and in all aspects of life. He does not deserve the platform he has and I am sure the people he has left behind in his path of destruction – those who know just how pathetic, and disgusting, and demented he is, are only further victimized by having to see his face everyday being held up as the main news guy on Fox news.

Likewise, I can not picture Tomi Lahren being a person anyone would enjoy spending significant time with.

She is the mean girl at school who bullies your daughter to make herself look cool.

She is your wife’s nasty work colleague who berates her daily to make herself feel more “powerful” – The person you wish would just leave your wife alone, as you kiss your wife goodbye in the morning and remind her to “just ignore it”

She is the best friend who sleeps with your boyfriend, because the validation that “she could have your man if she wanted him” is more valuable to her than loyalty, trust, or friendship.

You see Glenn Beck, you were correct when you said, the lack of personal responsibility and selfishness that would allow a person to end their unborn child’s life out of convenience, is no different than the lack of personal responsibility and selfishness that tells a person it is okay to steal from another person instead of work.

It is a fundamental understanding of action, consequence, human worth, justice, and responsibility,  – values no free society can survive or thrive without.  There is no separation between social values and economic values. Just as there is no separation between the moral character of the individual and a society’s ability to enjoy and preserve their own liberty.

Likewise, the mistreatment toward others, and disingenuous nature a TV host uses in order to fit everything into their own self promoting narrative, will be the same mean, selfish, arrogant nature they approach day to day life with.  You fired Tomi Lahren because she is a low rent woman, who is mean, selfish, and void of compassion and understanding. You fired her because she is a bad person. We have enough bad people being exalted in the world in 2017. You made a mistake, you hired her. Now do the right thing, and take the first steps toward using your powerful platform for good. Be part, even if it’s a small part, in making things a little more right in the world.

And thank you again Glenn Beck, for finally doing the right thing. I know she did bring in ratings, and your network likely did take a hit, and you are being painted as a tyrant who banishes anyone who disagrees with him. But someone willing to do the right thing, regardless of what people say or where the chips fall,  is what we need MORE of, not less of, in this world.

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