The Ways Birth Control Can Ruin Your Life

  1. Weight gain
  2. Death
  3. Changes the type of man you are attracted to, Attraction to less masculine, lower testosterone males
  4. Loss of sex drive
  5. Infertility, delayed, decreased fertility.
  6. Loss of your natural cycle
  7. Increased likelihood for emotional problems, STDs, and damaging relationships

These are just 7 of the countless known side effects of birth control. The narrative has it all wrong. There is nothing liberating about a pill that messes up a woman’s body so that she can be more easily used as a sex object for men without inconveniencing them.  If someone came up to you and offered you a pill with these side effects, I would hope you would tell them to get away from you. This is what women should do with birth control. The male birth control pill never took off because the men partaking in the test trials respected their bodies enough to say no. Now women should do the same.

In the video below I go into the above mentioned seven side effects as well as fallacies I see in the narrative surrounding birth control and the horrific impact it has had on the lives of western women.


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