2 thoughts on “Gary Johnson? Oh, It’s Possible!

  1. Hi Kassie!
    Just watched and shared your video about Gov. Gary Johnson, and wanted to take a moment to say “RIGHT ON!” You go girl! I am on the Excom of the Ventura county Libertarian party. Not sure where you reside, but, hope we could meet and join forces to promote Gary.. I first met him in 2012 while hosting our Ca. state convention, and was honored to be his personal concierge during the four day event. Drop me a line if you like anytime..My email is: LilRhondaLee@Aol.com. You can find my facebook page under: Rhonda Lee

    You can find our website at: LPVC.org

    Keep up the good work my friend! I have also subscribed to your YT channel.

    For Liberty –

    Rhonda Lee Scarborough
    Events Chair LPVC


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